Monday, January 12, 2009

Restoring Investor confidence

Recent financial fraud in Satyam has spooked the investor community and people are afraid to invest. Investment is based on a lot of trust in the accuracy of the financial statements. The auditors are the custodians of these valuable documents. If I cannot trust the auditors, what value can I attached to these documents. How do I value the company ?

Govt. needs to take speedy action to restore confidence in the system. The guilty should be brought to justice . New laws should be enacted to deter such events from happening.

Where are India's philanthropists ?

Indians have stormed into the "Richest in the world" list but will they find a place in the "Most Generous" list. U.S is known for so many things but one thing which is overlooked is that it has the most generous people. The Warrens and the Gates of the U.S give away billions of dollars every year for various good causes.

How about the Ambanis ,Tatas and the Mittals of India ? I am not talking about giving to charity to cut your tax bill. They have made so much money but how much have they given back to the community? Some of them got their degrees in the U.S but conveniently opted out of the Humanity course.

British used our natural resources and exploited us. Today the Ambanis, Mittals and Tatas are doing the same.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Election Comission litmus test

A private television has released footage of Stalin receiving money during campaigning which is against election rules. First, the authenticity of this tape has to verified and circumstances under which this incident needs to validated. Second, will the EC have the courage to take action if found guilty. EC is one office which is not under any political power. Will they set a precedence in handling such high profile cases with a strong hand ?

Our trust in the election process is in question and we await answers.

Friday, December 26, 2008

What should India do about the PAK troop build up across the border ?

Pakistan has been repositioning its troops close to the Indo-Pak border in response to the recent tension between the two countries. What should India do about it ? I think we need to reposition our troops also. We need to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. India should not start the war but be prepared to defend ourselves.

War is expensive and will stunt our country's economic growth. Pakistan is in a very bad economic crisis and cannot afford the war and so they will be not start the war. They are just trying to distract the world community from their responsibility to deal with terrorists in their country.

India, don't fall prey to PAK's tricks.

Why is Mayawati afraid of a CBI enquiry ?

The recent murder of a goverment official by politicians in Uttar Pradesh is shocking. The Mayawati govermnent is suspected to be involved in the matter and various fractions have asked for a CBI enquiry to ensure a free and fair trial. I don't understand why Mayawati has rejected the need for a CBI enquiry. What is she trying to hide ? If she is innocent what is she afraid of ?

Her dismissal of a need for a CBI enquiry makes me suspicious. A CBI enquiry is the need of the hour to ensure justice is done.