Monday, January 12, 2009

Where are India's philanthropists ?

Indians have stormed into the "Richest in the world" list but will they find a place in the "Most Generous" list. U.S is known for so many things but one thing which is overlooked is that it has the most generous people. The Warrens and the Gates of the U.S give away billions of dollars every year for various good causes.

How about the Ambanis ,Tatas and the Mittals of India ? I am not talking about giving to charity to cut your tax bill. They have made so much money but how much have they given back to the community? Some of them got their degrees in the U.S but conveniently opted out of the Humanity course.

British used our natural resources and exploited us. Today the Ambanis, Mittals and Tatas are doing the same.


  1. i think in india industrialism has just began compared to usa ,it will take some time for indian buisnessmen to become mature about this aspect of society.

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